Tempa Diri, Jadikan Mimpi Nyata #IDare

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Kendalikan Diri, Capai Tujuan #IDare

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Akui Kesalahan Padamkan Permusuhan #IDare

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Djarum Super Wave is the new extension of Djarum Super with a 7,5 mm in diameter notably enhanced with power boost filter
that balances the taste conveying a totally exquisite smoking experience.

Djarum Super Next is a premium clove cigarette that precisely designed to deliver an impactful taste through perfect combination of finest tobacco, cloves and other spices. An enhanced Full Aromatic Blend is also attained in order to bring more pleasant smoking experience to our distinct customer.

The new extension of Djarum Super MLD that brings a quality and premium regular clove cigarette with bolder taste and stronger modern look.

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